Our online training academy is perfect for CTE and Vo-Tech online career education. Enjoy teaching with 9-1-1 SCRIPTED actual calls, games, quizzes, articles, web links and projects. An extensive study of the amazing work of 9-1-1 in an engaging curriculum online.  We teach SKILLS, KNOWLEGE AND ATTITUDE. The 911 Emergency Communications Manual hardcopy is a required textbook and holds the knowledge needed. The course brings the knowledge alive and engaging in the online course.  Check it out!

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UNIT 1: ABOUT THE 911 PROFESSION – The history and changes in public safety emergency communications for a full understanding of 9-1-1.  What is it like to have a career in 9-1-1? What is the latest news and views about this incredibly important first first responder?  What can a student expect on their first day?

UNIT 2: EMERGENCY CALL RECEIVING – What are the skills needed to talk to a person in distress, someone who is ill, a domestic violence. How important is your voice, your attitude and mostly what WORDS matter.  Callers can be abusive, rude and use foul language – how do you get around that and serve them anyway?

UNIT 3: ENHANCED 9-1-1 TECHNOLOGY – Wow technology has skyrocketed in the past years.  Has 9-1-1 kept up, are the problems, are there amazing changes that make us all safer?

UNIT 4: POLICE COMMUNICATIONS – What are the most important things to know about taking a call for law enforcement and sending officers to the scene.  Does the job stop there?

UNIT 5: FIRE COMMUNICATIONS – When working with fire there is an expediency that is necessary so the right questions matter.  What do you say to someone trapped and dying in a fire but reaching out to you for some final reassurance – are they coming?

UNIT 6: EMERGENCY MEDICAL DISPATCH – The EMD saves lives every day with pre-arrival directions and expert handling of a very crucial period of time before units arrive.  The EMD is the first unit on the scene!

UNIT 7: PUBLIC SAFETY RADIO – Sending units to a mass shooting or multiple casualty incident, a wicked forest fire or a domestic violence requires a calm mature voice and approach.  What are the skills and fundamentals of the radio dispatcher.

UNIT 8: 9-1-1 LIABILITY ACCOUNTABILITY – Can a 911 call taker end up in court?  How and why and what next?  Often workers are bullied to be frightened into doing the right thing.  This chapter demystifies the liability and defines the accountability of this work.

UNIT 9: CRISIS INTERVENTION / SUICIDE What is crisis?  It’s loss – humans don’t do well with loss.  Reaching out to 911 for help we say that helper need to know HOW to help.  The skills used on the crisis lines, with the intent to SEND help is a delicate balance.  This is a skill we teach here.

UNIT 10: STRESS AND WELLNESS 9-1-1  Is this a stressful job?  Is nursing? Being a semi truck driver?  Police officer?  We believe there are ways to have a long and happy career in 911 – offered here in this unit.


The Academy is our CORE Curriculum — a complete 9-1-1 career course written by a coalition of 9-1-1 professional educators to include the NECC Certification. The full course
was developed through a DACUM to include Core Competencies, Instructor Guides and Unit Quizzes, leading to an on-line final exam and certification. Teachable platform tracks student progress and grading for the busy teachers and administrators.  The course is truly engaging students into learning and understanding the work of 9-1-1.

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