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FYI rec calls can only be played with  Replay Player.  In order to hear the student’s recordings (not on the simulator) you must install ‘Replay’ on your office computer or trainee computers –  to listen to trainee *.rec calls. Transfer recorded calls to your (or any) computer & listen using Replay. Use the exe file below, copy to your flash drive or station and install.

setup_Replay_v1.5.7.4 download


9-1-1 Reality Simulator PLUS – you may have noticed  MAPPING is giving you an error message.  Here is why. 9-1-1 Reality software uses Open Street Maps for your mapping feature. Opens Street Maps in our software uses Internet EXPLORER (IE) to access Open Maps.  Microsoft killed IE June 2022.

Oh No! What Now?  We have an exe file that will fix the problem (yay).  Enter this link to download the instructions and exe file.  You will need to load  your custom addressing foung on your C: INSTALLATION FILES.  Addressing is called ali.mdb and you simply drag it and replace the default here – C:/ Program Files / ARTTComms.

Call for a walk through if you can’t figure it out. 253.435.0911


9-1-1 Reality Simulator Customizing

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9-1-1 Reality Simulator PLUS Setup Video

PLUS 1:2 Setup

PLUS 3-5 Setup

9-1-1 Reality Simulator BASIC Setup Video

BASIC 1:2 Setup

BASIC 3-5 Setup


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We are in the office M-Thurs PST 0800 – 1430 feel free to call 253.435.0911 – we want you happy!  We answer email too!

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