In order to hear your student’s recorded calls on your computer – download this zip file, extract and install the Replay.exe on your teacher station.  Move the student rec files by flash drive from the simulator to your computer.  Students should have their own file folder with their calls to record that amazing progress they will make in call taking.  setup_Replay_v1.5.7.4


9-1-1 Reality Simulator is fully customizable prior to or after delivery when you send us the information we need. We invite IT, teachers and trainers to have an online demo with Join.Me.  This is available PST 1000- 1400 M T W schedule at .  Owners will have 7 business days to submit any customizing information.     ALI addressing, call types, units/responses, ring down lines, phone line or radio labels can be modified with your information if we receive it with a week after purchase.  If the information is not sent you will have addressing that matches your town/city however the call types, units and ring down lines will be default Anytown.


Customize your 911 Reality Simulator addresses prior to delivery (recommended) 

Our program can add 50 of your businesses addresses for the city you request. For multiple calls from one location you can create the name of the callers (4) and enter the address of the same location. PLUS owners need lat/long (see  For minor changes to our loaded on our custom ALI.mdb, will send you the ALI.mdb that you can modify as well using the edit feature on the SIMULATION DATABASE MANAGER.  Please call us at 253.435.0911 for any support.  The video below explains the process.  Here is the Excel template you need to completely change your addressing.  Fill this out not changing the fields or name and use the SIMULATION DATABASE MANAGER found in your menu to upload the xls into the program.  ALI Customize xls 



Prior to shipping:  To change and add your own call types or responses fill in this Excel worksheet Download TypesAndUnitsTemplate and send it before delivery within 7 business days from your order.  Note there are two tabs on the template. 

Do it yourself:  This XLS file when opened has two tabs – one for call types (burglary, theft, house fire) and one for responses (Patrol, K9, Engine, Full Response). We suggest at this level use RESPONSES.  Call Types are located on the STUDENT SOFTWARE.  You will need to load the xls on both student and instructor stations using Simulation Database Manager. 


You can rename the phone line labels, radio labels, add wav files to sound effects by sending an email with requests asap to


When Things Go Wrong Power Point

If you stations are not working as expected – you need to fix the problems – an update WILL NOT fix your settings –  you need to first use 2021 Troubleshooting Simulator.  

In the event you need to reinstall your simulator software – you must follow these steps. Before you do anything, find your KEY CODE or the system will not be able to be recovered. Updating Build Needs A Key/Code


1 Setup Guide BASIC

2 User Manual Basic

2 User Manual PLUS

1 Setup Guide PLUS

1 Setup Guide BASIC 2 Students

1 Setup Guide PLUS 2 Students