Problem:  Often people enter the profession with no idea of what they will be doing.  People are hired without entry level skills, knowledge or attitude! Turnover for new hires in 9-1-1 is tragic.  Candidates are not prepared, training is cumbersome and difficult when short staffed.  This leads to a hiring crisis. 

Solution:  A college or high school career tech course can prepare students to be great candidates.  The graduate is trained, evaluated and certified.  Candidates will understand the work and enter prepared.  Hiring qualified graduates saves Comm Center budgets and stress.  Grads can be hired at 18 years old making this a perfect fit for high school CTE programs as well. 

Question:  OK But then – why aren’t there more 9-1-1 career education programs? 

Answer:  Ahhh – because 9-1-1 has finally emerged as a true profession. This hidden career has caught on and is exploding in the US and Canada.  There is no other company like this one that offers a full 9-1-1 curriculum, simulator and certification – before us – starting a 9-1-1 program from scratch was burdensome – check here our 10 Units of Study.  And case in point – you just found us.  Check this out from 9-1-1 Magazine, 9-1-1_ An Emerging ‘Hidden’ Career!

Question:  Are there jobs out there for graduating students?

Answer:  YES.  Comm Centers are facing a hiring crisis.  And 20 years ago when we wrote this program – we were experiencing the same. We had  too few applicants – or too few qualified applicants. Often those hired washed out or quit. After I started my program many agencies ONLY hired from my course.  Agencies knew graduated students show up evaluated by a 911 professional educator. Ever heard, “They don’t hire the right people!”  So, now 9-1-1 can hire the right people!  In addition our students have alternate employment in alarm companies, taxi, customer service, life flight, private ambulance,and parks dispatch.  What do students need to know about this amazing work?  ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS!

QUESTION:  WHAT ABOUT FUNDING? Perkins Funds are used by many of our schools.

Question:  Can we find instructors? 

Answer:  Absolutely! 9-1-1 Telecommunicators can teach or sit on an advisory board.   Use current police, fire or health science educators.  Our digital academy is highly organized with 10 Unit folders packed with digital training tools (Power Point, 911 calls, skills games, eBooks, flash quizzes and 911 text and student manual),  NECC Certification guides your teachers through the teaching process. We train your teachers online with Join.Me!

Question:  Do ALL ‘certified’ graduating students find success in the field?  If not where else can they find work?

Answer:  No, like any hiring from a college program or high school career tech program graduates must pass entry level exams, polygraph, typing requirements and background checks.  No education or certification ever guarantees a job for any person.  If a student is fit and willing they get hired.  The success rate of new hires without education or experience is dismal. College and high school programs give the learner a leg up and confidence, not to mention skills and knowledge and the right attitude for success. 

Question:  How does a high school or college program save  9-1-1 funds?

Answer:  Retention is higher.  A police chief told me the other day – I am so sick of hiring and training people who know nothing!  911 Comm Centers spend thousands of dollars training a new hire who may fail.  With trained, evaluated and certified graduates, the new hires come in with the basics, cutting the training time and increasing the success.

Question:  Where is the funding for a ‘college’ or ‘high school’ to start up a new program?

Answer:  The full turn key program starts at $15K.  That is a full curriculum, simulator, certification and full train the teacher online. Perkins Grants are often used and there is now federal money for career ed. 

Question:  How do I get started?  How do I convince my administration? 

Answer:  Call us at 253.435.0911 or email us at  

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