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Our 9-1-1 Reality simulators provide students an opportunity to apply the skills necessary to process 9-1-1 emergency calls and dispatch police, fire and medical calls for service.Pricing PLUS:   

One Instructor to One Student 1:1 = $19,950

One Instructor to Two Students 1:2  $29,925

Can be 1:3, 1l4M 1l5  or several PODS for a full lab.  Open Multiples Pricing for Perkins Grants.

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9-1-1 Reality is easy to set up (NO IT or yearly fees).  Completely teacher and student friendly and configurable to fit your needs and space. Portable and easily transported to other locations for lab training. Customized to your addressing. Full online training and support 100% M-Thurs PST.  We answer phone and emails asap!!

HARDWARE (1:1 Single)

(4) 27” Widescreen LED Monitor Screens (2) Keyboard and Mouse (2) Noise Cancelling Headsets (2) Monitor Headsets (2) Mini Hard Drive Desktop (1) Wireless N Router- Programmed for 911 Reality Network (4) View Screen (4) Connection Cables


Expandable for additional instructor/student stations up to 5

Login Tracking Teacher & Student

Real-Time View of Student Activity

Student Activity Reports for all lab sessions

ALI (addresses) – Customizable for you

Call Types – Customizable

Units – Customizable

Multiple Phone Lines

Text to 911 – Two Lines

Mapping Features

Multiple Radio Channels

Traffic Stop/On View Function

TTY Call – Tone Out Audio

Ring Down Lines – Customizable

Wireless Calls

Business Line

Background Sounds

Recording Studio

On Screen Capture

Plug and Play Setup (no installation requirements)

Instructor Real Time  Notes

Color Coded Responses

Premise History and Flags

Video Tutorials


Software for the life of the hardware.

1 year hardware.  Extended warranty available for additional cost.

Online training available for new customers as needed.