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Our 9-1-1 Reality simulators provide students an opportunity to apply the skills necessary to process 9-1-1 emergency calls and dispatch police, fire, and medical calls for service. Pricing PLUS:   

One Instructor to One Student 1:1 = $20,950

One Instructor to Two Students 1:2  $31,425

Can be 1:3, 1:4 1:5, or several PODS for a full lab.  Request Open Multiples Pricing for Perkins Grants.

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9-1-1 Reality is easy to set up (NO IT or yearly fees).  Completely teacher and student-friendly and configurable to fit your needs and space. Portable and easily transported to other locations for lab training. Customized to your addressing. Full online training and support 100% M-Thurs PST for new and existing owners.  We answer phones and emails asap!!

HARDWARE (1:1 Single)

(4) 27” Widescreen LED Monitor Screens (2) Keyboard and Mouse (2) Noise Cancelling Headsets (2) Monitor Headsets (2) Mini Hard Drive Desktop (1) Wireless N Router- Programmed for 911 Reality Network (4) View Screen (4) Connection Cables


Expandable for additional instructor/student stations up to 5

Login Tracking Teacher & Student

Real-Time View of Student Activity

Student Activity Reports for all lab sessions

ALI (addresses) – Customizable for you

Call Types – Customizable

Units – Customizable

Multiple Phone Lines

Text to 911 – Two Lines

Mapping Features

Multiple Radio Channels

Traffic Stop/On View Function

TTY Call – Tone Out Audio

Ring Down Lines – Customizable

Wireless Calls

Business Line

Background Sounds

Recording Studio

On Screen Capture

Plug and Play Setup (no installation requirements)

Instructor Real-Time Notes

Color Coded Responses

Premise History and Flags

Video Tutorials


Software for the life of the hardware.

1-year hardware.  Extended warranty available for an additional cost.

Online training is available for new customers as needed.